No object is so beautiful that, under certain conditions, it will not look ugly.
Oscar Wilde
I am

motivated and inspired by the world around me, by boundaries – internal and external, by cycles and by entropy.
My work starts intuitively, gathering images around a theme and reassembling until I have created a balanced and beautiful whole.
The themes are often around sexuality and carnality, death and decay, bodies and rebirth, sense of place and taboo. I love metaphor and twisted language.

I have

been working with paper and ink for the last five years, testing styles and discovering the versatility of the medium.
I enjoy the challenge of working without colour or brushstroke, to create emotion, life and atmosphere from the black and white.
I began using the stippling technique as a way to create more subtle gradations, textures, and a softer finish.
The limitations of the medium force me to strip away any artifice.

I believe

that art cannot be created in a vacuum, it takes communication, inspiration and external input from many sources.
And while good art comes from perseverance and discipline, I believe that good ideas come from people.